About Us


The Amber Bar Bus is a fully converted 1995 Volvo Olympian, fleet number NV51, which operated London routes 21, 40, and 35. The Amber Bar Bus was also one of two Volvo Olympians to feature in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!


Our unique conversion has maintained the original exterior body of the bus, while the inside has been completely stripped out and replaced with a premium quality hardwood-look floor, reupholstered seats and a genuine copper bar. 


We have installed a side hatch to allow external access to our internal bar and we have created a chilled cellar behind a false wall to keep our drinks at the optimum temperature.


The Amber Bar Bus provides a quirky yet cosy drinking environment and a nod to the intimate atmosphere of speakeasies from the 1920s: with low ceilings, narrow walkways and a vintage colour palette of Dark Wood, Copper, Amber and Eucalyptus.


We serve vegan friendly beer, wine and fizz on tap, which we rotate on a monthly basis. We are also able to stock a range of bottled beers and pre-mixed spirits to suit your requirements, and all of our disposable plastics are 100% biodegradable!


Based in South East London, The Amber Bar Bus is available for private hire and will be appearing at a number of festivals and events throughout 2019 / 2020. 

Whatever the occasion... hop on board The Amber Bar Bus!